Transparency in what we offer builds trust and security!


All the users at Crash11 fantasy cricket play are provided with same credits, i.e., 100 credits and they have access to the database of players and are subjected to the same rules in playing the game such as maximum and minimum limits in choosing the batsman, wicketkeeper, bowlers, and all-rounders.


Crash11 provides a deadline until the match starts. The team cannot be altered/updated post the deadline. The deadline at crash11 is initiated in an idea that everyone should have equal opportunities. It ensures respect for everyone and builds loyalty.


The credits of the players are locked in each and every match. The credits are required for the users to pick up their players and the credits picked for that particular match remains constant and it does not get changed based on the real-life team during that particular match.


We wish you to win and earn happily! Play crash11 and compete with other users with your knowledge, skill, and passion.

At Crash11,

  • The scoring system used for calculating the winning points is clearly displayed.
  • The winning amount of each contest is clearly mentioned on the board.
  • Any winning amount is processed and credited to the user’s account.
  • Scores of each match are obtained from the trusted third party service providers.


Trust is a priceless asset that we gain with our reliable service to the users.


We ensure that only trusted verified players are playing on our platform. We have strict policies check any violation of Crash11. Before withdrawing any winning prizes from crash11, the users are subjected to submit their proofs such as pan cards and bank account details. These proofs are collected and verified by the crash11 team.


We work with reliable and trusted third party payment gateways to ensure the safety and security of all transactions that occur at crash11platform. We don’t get/store any credit/debit card details of you with us.


Crash11 is completely skill and knowledge-based platform and are developed in accordance with Indian laws. There are no shortcuts / cheat codes for the easy win at crash11.


The employees at crash11 are completely prohibited from participating/ play in any contests on our platform.


Good response and communication, build a trustworthy relationship and take the relationship to last longer. At crash11, we made it easier to communicate with our team on any queries related to crash11 fantasy cricket game.


The identity which we create imposes the responsibility!


We believe that trust is built based on reliable and responsible service. Our users trust us with their documents and bank details. We strive to protect our user's information. The shared information is only used for verification processes and we never disclosure it with any outside parties.


  • We do not allow users under 18 years of age to play the contest.
  • We notify users if their accrued losses exceed Rs.15,000/-


We don’t allow any cash transactions at Crash11.