Play fantasy cricket at Crash11
Play fantasy cricket at Crash11

About Crash11

Crash11, a real online fantasy game platform dedicated to the sports fans who are interested to exhibit their sports knowledge and skills. It is started with an idea of motivating the sports lovers to participate in the game, rather than just being in one among the huge audience.

Here, the fans can form their own team of 11 members made up of real-life players who involved in upcoming matches. The users will get into the field with your team of 11 real-life players and earn their score based on their performance on the field and compete with other fans. Your rank will decide upon the points scored by your team.

Connect with us! We provide special offers and coupons to motivate the fans and make them win amazing cash prizes daily. It is a platform that builds trust and credibility, which takes every one of us to win!

  • Be the leader for your own team.
  • Climb the crash ladder with your passion and earn.
  • Get the best online real fantasy game experience.

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I really enjoyed the app and it has a lot of features huge winning leagues and easy withdraw
A great platform to play cricket with our knowledge, skills and Earn rewards from it.
Sudhan Sharma
My experience with crash11 has been excellent. It's user friendly platform makes us to learn about cricket more with better service.
Rahul Singh
A platform offering nice contests and facilities. I have never faced any issues in features and payment given by crash11. I am happy to have such platform in India to bring out our cricket talent.
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Do what you love and love what you do! Pour out your heart and soul into this platform and obtain great achievement that are driven only by passion. We have a passion for motivating the cricket fans to earn money from their passion.